Backseat worked with commercial directors Ted Pauly and Melissa Silverman to produce a web series for their first foray into the sit-com world with the show ‘All Over It’. Starring a cast of up-and-coming actors and featuring H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) the comedy focuses on a collective of young professionals trying to make it in the advertising world while they navigate their own lives in Philadelphia and generally screw things up. The show is going to be available as a 9 episode web series with the first one premiering February 2nd at

Backseat acted as the production company on the project and filled the majority of the crew positions with Backseat team members. Working with freelance producer Laris Kreslin; Backseat worked to make this low budget series happen in five shooting days.

Director Ted Pauly had this to say about the experience of working with Backseat; “By sheer force of will and with a little bit of (black?) magic, Backseat pulled a full five-day sitcom pilot shoot together for us on a small budget. Nick and Doug combined old-school producing chops and a vast network of Philly friends and friends of friends to bring us in just under the wire. We were consistently surprised at the rabbits BC managed to pull out of their hats.”

Check out the trailer for the show here:

All Over It – A New Web Comedy from All Over It on Vimeo.