Backseat Conceptions as a production services company provides crew and equipment nationwide. Our primary concentration of services are on the East Coast but we have contacts everywhere, we can hook you up. Since 2002, the Backseat Conceptions flagship office has been in Philadelphia – and recently we have expanded with satellite offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh.

We regularly provide individual services to productions, also we have the complete filmmaking package; battle tested crew, modern equipment and a rock solid production bus that can travel anywhere in the country and produce a piece of media that we can help you market and sell.

As a production company we align all of our glorious components, crew and contacts to make great things happen for our incredible client base. We’re kind of like a production version of Voltron (or Megazord for you younger producers).

Once in a while, a client will come to the Backseat after they’ve already started production and things are falling apart. They need a quick fix and people know we’re the ones to call. Much like ‘The Wolf’ in Pulp Fiction, we excel at cleaning-up all sorts of sticky situations.

We’ve helped save many productions, but why call us after the fact when you can do things right the first time? Hire Backseat to produce your next project and we’ll work with you to build it from the ground up.


Companies We’ve Worked With:


Contact us to discuss the specifics of your upcoming job by calling 215-235-5603 or emailing info@backseatconceptions.com