East Coast Video Assist Packages from Backseat!

Backseat offers Video Assist / VTR services for commercials and film on the East Coast. Check out all the details in our new microsite here! We make sure that your director and crew have the best images and audio  possible when watching the monitor on set! In addition to high quality playback our cart can also do high quality capture of the footage and manage of all of your media for a project as well as organize it for your editor.

Our basic VTR package has everything that is required for most jobs. If a job has more exciting technical requirements we can happily accommodate those with add-on equipment and services. The man in charge is Nick Esposito, our main Video Assist Operator and Coordinator. He works in NYC & Philadelphia as a local and also serves: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas.

Here are a portion of our services:
Visual Effects Supervisor – Post Production Supervision – After Effects Artist – Transcoding / Dailies – Media Management – Data Back-Up Workflow Design – Live Playback – Mulit-Display On-Camera Playback – Live Compositing – Multi-Camera Playback – Digital Mastering – Digital Imaging Technician – D.I.T. – Uncompressed Video Capture – Quicktime 4:2:2 Capture – Wireless Video – Mobile Video Village – Run & Gun Video Playback

Find out more at www.VTR.backseatconceptions.com