Sony NXCam NEX-FS100U Camera Package

The Sony NEX-FS100UK is an interchangeable lens camcorder featuring a Super 35mm sensor equivalent in size to Super35mm film. Developed specifically as a digital motion camcorder it is capable of producing footage with shallow depth of field similar to that of a film camera and capture with high image fidelity. This camera works great for run-and-gun shoots where you want a high quality image as it is not as bulky as a RED camera and also does not need a lot of accessories to operate at full function. The camera also works with all E-Mount Sony lenses.

Now available for rental! The camera is attractively priced and we have rental options for those renters who do not have production insurance. We are regularly upgrading the packages so there may be more accessories available than in the below list.

Basic Sony NXCam NEX-FS100U Package:

  • This package fits in two pelican cases
  • Sony NEX-FS100U Body with fold out 3.5 inch LCD screen
  • ┬áSony 18-200mm lens
  • 3x Sony NP-F770 batteries and charger
  • 2x 32 GB Cards
  • Shotgun microphone with custom mount which can hold 2 lavaliere receivers
  • Detachable viewfinder
Additional Available Accessories:

  • Sony 50mm lens
  • Panel Light attachment
  • Shoulder Mount / follow focus

If you don’t have production insurance you can hire one of our ACs or Camera Operators and pay a small rider fee to use our production insurance for this rental.

Backseat Conceptions is a Production Services company that has a range or rental equipment available including audio kits, monitoring setups, production supplies, craft service kit and a Production RV. We also provide qualified and charming crew.

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