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A little about what we do.

Production Services and Management Production Services and Management

From budgeting to production; crewing and equipment; clearances and logistics; we can handle every element of your job. You get to walk away with an excellently produced piece of media. Whatever you can conceptualize we can make it happen.

Crew Staffing Crew Staffing

If you need professional crew members across the U.S. and around the world, look no further. With over a decade of production, touring, promotion and film programming we know qualified, likeable industry professionals in an astounding array of locations.

Equipment Equipment

Backseat works with a number of owner/operators on the East Coast and acts as the exclusive rental agent for several camera packages. We have the capability and access to put together a complete equipment package at a rate you would not normally find.

Creative Services Creative Services

Backseat has the creative team to help bring your vision to reality. If you’re looking for a unique perspective on a particularly tricky project, or if you have the concept but no idea how to execute it, just give us a call.

Marketing and Promotions Marketing and Promotions

With a blended focus of public outreach and live events; Backseat has a unique approach to ensure your brand is seen and heard. We connect exciting brands to cool audiences by making use of our experience and contacts to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the campaign.

Distribution Distribution

Backseat works as a sales agent for projects and we have secured the sales of dozens of films all over the world. We have the legal experience to execute distribution contracts and will make sure you get paid.

Articles from Backseat.work

For information about equipment and services provided by Backseat Conceptions follow these articles to our services page backseat.work

Rain Towers and Environmental Practical FX

Rain Towers and Environmental Practical FX Producers tend to shy away from shooting scenes in the rain, sleet or snow due to the additional costs and staffing needed to create environmental FX artificially. However, trying to add them in Post-production can cost twice as much and will never look as good as the real thing. […]

Custom FX Knife and Weapon Fabrication

Custom FX Knife and Weapon Fabrication If you are shooting any kind of project which requires a knife or weapon being used in any type of stunt capacity, you always want to have an actor safe FX version that will not harm them in anyway. Backseat’s Doug Sakmann specializes in being able to duplicate (or […]

Welcome to Backseat.work

Welcome to Backseat.work Backseat Conceptions provides comprehensive production and staffing services for commercials films and television. We are an innovative company that was founded in 2003 and has grown and evolved with industry over the years. We have and have provided services for hundreds of clients from unknown filmmakers to multinational companies. Through our experiences […]


About The Company:

Backseat Conceptions as a production services company provides crew and equipment nationwide. Our offices are in Philadelphia, NYC, Pittsburgh and LA and we have contacts everywhere, we can hook you up.

We regularly provide individual services to productions, also we have the complete filmmaking package; battle tested crew, modern equipment and a rock solid production bus that can travel anywhere in the country and produce a piece of media that we can help you market and sell.

Companies We’ve Worked With:


Contact us to discuss the specifics of your upcoming job by calling (215) 235-5603 or emailing info@backseatconceptions.com

Backseat 2016 Production Reel


Joe Frantz: Director, MTV, Discovery Networks

“Backseat has been instrumental to the body of works I’ve produced. Practical effects, casting, media management, graphics… Name it, they do it, with efficiency and personality!”

- Joe Frantz: Director, MTV, Discovery Networks
Jesse Cain & Ben Fries: Directors, DeadHorse Films

“We’ve worked with Backseat on many challenging projects and they’ve always managed to pull off our hair-brained schemes on our shoe-string budgets. They’re good dudes with good crew and they’re down for whatever to get the job done.”

- Jesse Cain & Ben Fries: Directors, DeadHorse Films
Mike Ski: Musician & Visual Artist, True Hand

“Backseat Conceptions is a non-stop barrage of the most fun and
interesting projects I’ve encountered under one umbrella. Their ability to
pull together a highly professional operation using their community of
resources is not only inspiring but makes them a mandatory
fixture in Philadelphia. They are the go to guys in this city.”

- Mike Ski: Musician & Visual Artist, True Hand